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Cross border e-commerce socialization gradually becomes a trend

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Cross border e-commerce socialization gradually becomes a trend
Latest company news about Cross border e-commerce socialization gradually becomes a trend

The bottom logic of cross-border social e-commerce reconstructs e-commerce's playing methods. Cross border social e-commerce subverts the past shopping experience from the bottom logic, mainly as follows:

Sharing based on trust improves purchase efficiency


Cross border social e-commerce is the thinking of finding people for goods, because the in-depth learning of labels and big data can push the precise demand to the precise population, and there are acquaintances in the middle, the process is simple and trustful, the fragment time produces the transaction, and it doesn't take too much time while the experience is good.


Closer to users' social behaviors, more convenient shopping


In the context of social interaction, social e-commerce is everywhere, and user's social interaction has become a daily behavior. All kinds of shopping scenes revolve around social interaction. Products flow to users through social circles, like to place an order for purchase, making shopping more convenient.


Strong fission ability, fast powder absorption and customer acquisition


Cross border social e-commerce has a strong fission ability, which can be achieved through social platforms such as Facebook and instagram, such as members, senior users, single free tasks, discount tasks, etc. Among them, the most critical underlying motivation to induce users to share is benefit driven. For example, the sharing of groups can get lower purchase prices, the distribution of members can get a draw, and the old and new can get cash bonus. Sharing welfare information is a win-win result in itself. Therefore, fission will happen rapidly and continuously, just like a network of relationships spread out across all social groups.

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Social marketing has four attributes: real identity social, interest social, industry professional social, mobile social. Cross border social e-commerce is people-oriented, relying on the communication between people, effectively leveraging the social circle of fans, and generating a steady stream of traffic. This low-cost, high-frequency mode will surely become the mainstream. Cross border social e-commerce will expand consumers from young people to full-age consumption, upgrade products from single scale to diversified and personalized, and transfer scenes from centralized to ubiquitous social platforms. In this ever-changing e-commerce battlefield, no business can be content with the status quo, because it may be subverted by emerging black technology at any time Replace.

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There are two important points in social e-commerce: first, based on the trust between users, it can bring high gross profit and high added value, on the premise that the product itself cannot be too poor, because the cross-border product quality is excellent, most of which are directly provided by overseas brands, but because of the information gap, the price is not so transparent compared with the domestic trade inventory, and the new product can still be kept good Profit margin. Second, traditional wechat businesses need to face another important problem, that is, trust in product brands. In contrast to the large-scale standard product strategy of the centralized platform, the traditional wechat business is the ultimate single product strategy, so there is no problem with profits, but the traditional wechat business and the traditional social e-business lack trust in quality and products, and the cross-border e-business, the standard product, can solve the problem of the repurchase rate of the traditional wechat business, which is why cross-border + social is so hot.

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